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COPD Specialist Nursing Team

The COPD Specialist Nursing Team is based at the Northern General Hospital and provides a service for all Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.  

Mission Statement

 “dedicated to improving the management of COPD and ensuring a patient centred holistic approach to care leads to an improved quality of life and a better experience of the journey through the healthcare system.”


  • Provide a structured evidence based approach to the management.

  • Provide a seamless patient led service.

  • Improve the patients journey through secondary care onto supported discharge and to facilitate an effective return to community based care.

  • Facilitate a multidisciplinary approach to COPD management through holistic patient centred care planning.

  • Provide expert knowledgeable clinically based information to all.

  • Emphasis of patient self-management towards the goal of self-provision and control supporting current evidence based best practice.

Role Responsibilities

 To review all patients admitted with COPD for advice and education including assessment for early supported discharge. 

 Key Responsibilities

  • Advice and education for patients and healthcare professionals.

  • Assessment of COPD patients on admission to hospital and at home following discharge.

  • Arrange home services when required.

  • Medicines review.

  • COPD Nurse led clinics.

  • Arrange follow up care when appropriate.

The Team

COPD Co-ordinator COPD Specialist Nurses AdministrationSupport
  • Ruth Marrison
  • Ruth Darwin

  • Joan Higgs

  • Dawn Weston

  • Michelle Jaafar

  • Cheryl Oates

  • Tara Ingle

  • Paul Ratcliff

  • Keeley Bussey

Hours available      8.30 – 4.30 7 days/week

Contact Numbers

  • Tel:    0114 2266388

  • Fax:   0114 2714511


The Oxygen Nursing Service

This service runs parallel to the COPD nursing service.

 Key Responsibilities

  • Assessment for long term oxygen therapy
  • Review of all patients on long term oxygen as per national guidelines
  • Advice and education for all patients and healthcare professionals

Oxygen Specialist Nurses

  • Christine Wrench

  • Ruth Darwin

Hours available      8.30 – 4.30 5 days/week

Contact Numbers

  • Tel:    0114 2269175 / 2269207

  • Fax:   0114 2714511


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